Jan 16, 2017

Magnetic bookmarks from Crafted Van || Book Merch Monday

Hey bookworms!

Today, we have the official first post of Book Merch Monday! In case you weren't aware, I launched this feature last week, and you can expect to see book merch stores highlighted on the blog on random Mondays hereafter!

Today, we have the girls behind Crafted Van - an etsy store that sells the cutest magnetic bookmarks!


Jan 14, 2017

The Ultimate Guide for 2017 Diverse Releases || January Edition

Hey bookworms!

 When I say that 2017 is an amazing year for books, I don't say that lightly! 2017 brings to us amazing titles, and the diversity in them is astounding! And since I make it a point to push diverse titles on all of you, I decided to make monthly posts featuring all the diverse releases of that month!

P.S - This list/post is part of DiverseReads2017 - a reading challenge hosted by myself and Shelly at Read Sleep Repeat. There's still time to join! You can sign up here

P.P.S - Since most of these titles are unreleased, this list is based on ARCs I've read, reviews I've checked from trusted sources, and GR descriptions. If by any chance there are any books in this list that is not qualified to be diverse, problematic, or if I've missed any important aspect - such as the title being #ownvoices - feel free to let me know through the comments!

Jan 13, 2017

Check out the cover of The Hundredth Queen!!!

Today, I am extremely excited to reveal the cover of one of my most anticipated releases of 2017!

The Hundredth Queen, by the wonderful Emily R.King, is an intriguing royal read, about a queen - girl power!!! - politics, a queen-and-captain-of-the-guard-romance which is inspired by Indian mythology! I am so excited for the book, and now stoked to reveal the cover to you all!

The cover is gorgeous! I love it so much, and here it is!